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Artist Statement 

I am a Brooklyn-based artist and poet working abstractly at the intersection of painting, sculpture, textiles, and installation. I create large-scale wall-based collaged works and hanging sculptures. My goal is to innovate the field of contemporary abstraction by reimagining power as ecologically conscious, feminist, and radically empathetic.


Climate change and mass extinction are at the forefront of my projects. I challenge patriarchal systems that use visual culture to tell one-sided stories that endorse gender and ecological oppression. My work fosters interspecies dialogues that break down imagined boundaries between humans and the natural world. Through the web of my research, I weave multiple perspectives into my artistic landscape. I learn as much as possible about my topics, not just the factual and scientific, but also mythological and narrative legacies in order to build an emotional core that I believe is vital to artistic work around climate change. 


My visual art acts as empathetic energetic monuments to the natural world. The physical surface of my work features collaged layers of thousands of painted acrylic on canvas pieces, alongside recycled textiles and spun yarns. I reimagine the history of painting as a system skins and structures, which I materially reorganize into a language of non-hierarchical feminist abstraction. Each work becomes a mosaic-like tapestry of textured surfaces and strong color with hidden microcosmic moments of unexpected materials, such as mirrors, stones, and faux fur. I simultaneously draw from perspectives as small as the microscopic elements of ecosystems to the larger mystical cosmic universe. 

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