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Artist Statement 

I am a Brooklyn-based artist working abstractly at the intersection of painting, sculpture, textiles, and installation. I create maximalist large-scale wall-based works, freestanding objects, and soft sculpture architectural environments. My goal is to innovate the field of contemporary abstraction by reimagining aesthetic power as empathetic, feminist, and ecologically conscious.


My work features collaged layers of thousands of painted acrylic on canvas pieces, hand cut to shape alongside recycled textiles and spun yarns. Each work becomes a mosaic-like tapestry of textured surfaces and strong color, with hidden microcosmic moments of unexpected materials, such as faux fur, mirrors, stones, and ceramic chains.


My work challenges patriarchal systems that use visual culture to tell one-sided stories that endorse gender and ecological oppression. I research historical systems of visual power across time and look for the hidden narratives within. I reimagine the history of painting as a system skins and structures, which I materially reorganize into a new language of non-hierarchical abstraction. My aesthetic is inclusive, uniting materials, strategies, histories, and mythologies across fine arts, craft, architecture, archeology, and the natural world. I simultaneously draw from perspectives as small as the microscopic elements of ecosystems to the larger cosmic universe. My vision is to create a new visual language that embraces multiplicity and calls for radical empathy across imagined boundaries. 


I create drawings to process my research and concepts outside of their translation into abstraction. These drawings play with visual language, explore the larger workings of the cosmos, question our human-centered time-based stories, and dream of new futures.

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