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A River Flows in All Directions

2020, acrylic and mixed media textile collage on canvas, faux fur, glass, mirror, 68”x 100”x 2"

A Bridge, A Chorus

2020, acrylic and mixed media on canvas with ceramic chain, 97”x140”x 1”

The Eye

2019, acrylic collage on canvas, vinyl, satin, 144" x 124” x 1.5”


2018, acrylic and mixed media collage on canvas, faux fur, beads, yarn, vinyl, glass, 110” X 128” X 5”


My work challenges patriarchal systems that use visual culture to tell one-sided stories that endorse gender and ecological oppression. I research historical systems of visual power across time and look for the hidden narratives within. I reimagine the history of painting as a system skins and structures, which I materially reorganize into a new language of non-hierarchical abstraction. These collage works speak to the history of tapestry as a tool for patriarchal narrative expression by using historically feminized materials and methods of production as stand-ins for the too-often erased female and other presence within these historical narratives. Read My Artist Statement Here